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You have a big family and your vehicle with five seats is not offering enough space? A 7-seater SUV will offer more room in first place. These vehicles are also safer due to its size.

Some of these 7-seaters are available under $30,000 so we can’t say they are expensive. Well, you can always look at the premium segment for more luxury.

All in all, if you are after a three-row SUV, check out our picks which are the best of the best SUV models with 7 seats.

SUV ModelSeating CapacityPrice Range (USD)Cargo Space
to Seat 1 (ft³)
Towing Capacity
(Pound [lbs])
Fuel Economy
(Combined MPG)
Volvo XC907$47,200 - $104,90085.15,000FWD: 24 MPG
Audi Q77$53,550 - $68,70071.67,7004WD: 21 MPG
Kia Sorento7$26,290 - $46,490735,000FWD: 24 MPG
Cadillac Escalade7$75,195 - $97,29594.2 8,300FWD: 17 MPG
4WD: 17 MPG
Land Rover Discovery7$52,300 - $68,50088.38,2004WD: 23 MPG
Tesla Model X7$81,000 - $138,000885,000Long Range: 96 MPG
75D: 93 MPG
100D: 87 MPG
P100D: 85 MPG
Performance: 79 MPG
Lexus GX7$52,505 - $63,90564.76,5004WD: 16 MPG
Mercedes-Benz GLS7$70,150 - $126,15093.87,7003.0 L: 18 MPG
4.7 L: 16 MPG
GLS63 5.5 L: 15 MPG
Ford Explorer7$32,765 - $58,25081.75,300FWD 2.3 L: 22 MPG
AWD 2.3 L: 21 MPG
FWD 3.5 L: 20 MPG
AWD 3.5 L: 19 MPG
Toyota Highlander7$31,680 - $47,36083.75,000Hybrid AWD: 29 MPG
FWD 3.5 L: 23 MPG
AWD 3.5 L: 22 MPG
FWD 2.7 L: 22 MPG
AWD 2.7 L: 22 MPG
VW Atlas7$30,895 - $48,39596.85,0002WD: 22 MPG
GMC Acadia7$29,000 - $47,500794,000FWD 2.5 L: 23 MPG
AWD 2.5 L: 22 MPG
FWD 3.6 L 21 MPG
AWD 3.6 L: 20 MPG
Buick Enclave7$40,000 - $55,80097.65,000FWD: 21 MPG
Toyota 4Runner7$35,310 - $47,40089.75,0004WD: 18 MPG
Subaru Ascent7/8$33,005 - $46,055875,0004WD: 23 MPG
VW Tiguan 7$25,000 - $35,000 (US)
€30,000 - €40,000 (EU)
654,400FWD: 26 MPG
Allspace: 45 MPG (US)
Mazda CX-97/6$32,500 - $50,000713,500FWD/AWD: 25 MPG
Dodge Journey7$23,500 - $34,000682.4-l: 1,000
3.6-l: 2,500
2.4-l: 22 MPG
3.6-l: 20 MPG
Diesel: 35 MPG
Ford Flex7$31,000 - $50,000834,500FWD: 19 MPG
Turbo V6: 17 MPG
Mitsubishi Outlander7$25,000 - $34,00063ES, SE, SEL 1,500
GT 3,500
4-cyl FWD: 25/30 MPG
4-cyl AWD: 24/29 MPG
V6 AWD: 20/27 MPG
Kia Telluride8/7$31,700 - $50,000875,00019/24 MPG
Tesla Model Y7$39,000 - $61,00065TBA230 miles
Long Range: 280-300 miles

Volvo XC90

New Volvo XC90

Volvo XC90 is a mid-size luxury SUV that offers a lot of premium features. It entered the second generation in 2015 and already in 2016 MotorTrend awarded it with “SUV of the year”. Ever since the model meets high expectations from its buyers.

The Swede SUV is capable to compete with Mercedes and BMW models, and the redesign is waiting for the 2020 year model. The base vehicle is offering five seats, while seven-seat Volvo XC90 is optional. Of course, it costs slightly more than the standard offer.

Why buy Volvo XC90?

  • Attractive styling
  • Elegant interior packed with a lot of premium equipment
  • Best-in-class safety systems
  • Enough room in the third row
  • Available with PHEV drivetrain

What’s next for Volvo XC90?

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Audi Q7

New Audi Q7

The new Audi Q7 is more stylish than ever. However, after five years the 7-seat SUV will need a redesign. According to rumors, the upcoming model will offer more space inside, especially for the third row. The premium SUV is not so cheap. The base price for this model with seven-seats is $54,000.Top of the line Prestige version goes up to $70,000.

Towing capacity of the 3.0 turbo engine is 7,700 pounds. Audi Q7 seven-seat SUV will also offer a diesel engine in Europe, performance-oriented SQ version with high outputs, and even an electric version in 2020.

Why buy Audi Q7?

  • Excellent capabilities
  • Premium equipment
  • Towing capacity
  • High-output SQ7 version with 430 hp

What’s next for Audi Q7?

A full review about the Audi 7-seater SUV model you can read HERE.

Kia Sorento

New Kia Sorento

Sorento is one of the longest-serving SUV by Kia. Since its arrival in the US market, the model is growing. The last generation added another option to its buyers – a seven-seat version. Now, Kia Sorento is capable to compete with likes of Toyota Highlander and Honda Pilot.

However, the situation is changing very fast in the mid-size segment, so the SUV is going to need a big revisit to keep the pace with rivals. The versatility of this vehicle comes from six available trim levels. You will find both inline-four and V6 engines. The base units cost under $27,000. According to rumors, Kia will develop a hybrid drivetrain for the next edition of the SUV.

Why buy Kia Sorento?

  • Premium feeling in the cockpit
  • Excellent handling and maneuvering
  • Quiet cabin
  • Resale value
  • Numerous options

What’s next for Kia Sorento?

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Cadillac Escalade

New Cadillac Escalade

The legendary SUV managed to survive when almost the entire Cadillac lineup was discontinued. It is popular among younger and older drivers. The level of luxury and features is incredible. Yes, the price is hefty, but the Cadillac Escalade 7-seat SUV offers plenty of space. Well, we expect that from a full-size model whose length is 202 inches and wheelbase 116 in. Want some more? No problem. There is an ESV version with 22 inches longer overall length and extra 14 inches of wheelbase. Still, handling and steering of the Cadillac Escalade are pretty impressive.

Why buy Cadillac Escalade?

  • A lot of power
  • A lot of space
  • A lot of options
  • A lot of…everything

What’s next for Cadillac Escalade?

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Land Rover Discovery

New Land Rover Discovery

This SUV is 196 inches long, but that is enough to accommodate seven passengers. Well, this is an optional model, since the base configuration includes five seats. Current generation arrived in 2017 and the SUV still comes with a fresh look and aesthetic lines. Land Rover Discovery is a cheaper version of the premium Range Rover sport utility vehicle. Still, Discovery will offer plenty of luxury features and it’s base price starts above $50,000. Supercharged V6 engine can deliver 340 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque. The main advantage of the Land Rover Discovery is the presence of diesel engine capable to create 250 hp and 440 lb-ft of twist. The downside is definitely a price. This SUV is more expensive than its rivals.

Why buy Land Rover Discovery?

  • Capable of an off-road drive
  • Easy commands and advanced features
  • Smooth transmission
  • Diesel engine’s fuel economy

What’s next for Land Rover Discovery?

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Tesla Model X

New Tesla Model X

If you are looking for an all-electric SUV, search no more. The only available model on the market is the Tesla Model X. And it is a seven-seater. Well, the SUV will offer plenty of other options. Most of the equipment is unique and no other model can match its offer. The autonomous drive reached Level 3. An all-electric vehicle can produce 260 or 503 hp, depending on the size of the battery pack. The P version gets more options. The SUV can tow 5,000 pounds, it needs 4 seconds to sprint to 60 mph (fully-charged battery), and the electric motor has a range of 240-295 miles in a single refill. The price will disappoint you. $85,000 is a tag for the base model and upper P version costs $140,000.

Why buy Tesla Model X?

  • Hi-tech features
  • Electric engine
  • Self-driving system
  • Unique design
  • Stunning performance

What’s next for Tesla Model X?

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Lexus GX

New Lexus GX

Lexus GX is one of the rare models from this company that does not offer a hybrid engine. But, it is going to change next season. The SUV is quite old now. It’s been ten years since the current generation entered the market. The new one is coming in 2020. Lexus produces some of the most comfortable SUVs. There are no surprises with the GX seven-seat model. Leather upholstery is standard. Front seats are getting a 10-way adjustable system with heating. Ventilating is available for higher trim levels. If you need more cargo space, power-folding third row will create a room.

Why buy Lexus GX?

  • Easy controls
  • Excellent performance on and off the road
  • Reliable V8 engine
  • Resale value

What’s next for Lexus GX?

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Mercedes-Benz GLS

New Mercedes-Benz GLS

Audi, BMW, Toyota, Volvo, and all other companies are trying to match the level of luxury coming from Mercedes’ factories. The carmaker set some standards and we can easily call it a synonym for the premium models. The Mercedes-Benz GLS is spacious, reliable, and it even offers a high-end AMG model that will stun you with its performance. Even the starting price is pretty attractive for a full-size premium SUV. However, the Mercedes-Benz GLS shows the signs of aging and the new model is already spotted. The company also announced the new generation and AMG model for 2021.

Why buy Mercedes-Benz GLS?

  • Spacious
  • Premium feeling
  • AMG model
  • Surround-view safety system

What’s next for Mercedes-Benz GLS?

A full review about the Mercedes-Benz 7-seater SUV model you can read HERE.

Ford Explorer

New Ford Explorer

Ford’s seven-seat SUV lineup is growing. Recently, the European department announced the new Kuga is coming with the third row. Its US sibling, Escape is probably getting the same update. Until then, Ford Explorer remains the only seven-seat SUV by the Blue Oval company (Expedition is offering eight spots). The new, sixth generation is confirmed for the upcoming season. We could see its premiere at the latest NAIAS. Still, we are waiting for first driving impressions. Rear-wheel drive will be standard with a 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine. ST version will make more power, probably 400 hp and 415 lb-ft of torque. Maximum towing capacity of the upcoming 2020 Ford Explorer will be 5,300 lbs. That is not all since the new generation is also bringing the hybrid drivetrain.

Why buy Ford Explorer?

  • Infotainment system
  • Many updates for the new generation
  • Good price
  • A lot of options

What’s next for Ford Explorer?

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Toyota Highlander

New Toyota Highlander


Fans expect a lot from the upcoming Toyota Highlander. Well, it is still one of the best-selling seven-seat SUVs in the market. But, the arrival of the Explorer Hybrid will make the Japanese company think about further upgrades of its flagship model. Whatsoever, the Highlander Hybrid was the only mid-size three-row SUV long enough. Now, we expect more from it. Furthermore, the vehicle also offers four- and six-cylinder engines. Well, most buyers are going to skip the entry-level model and add some more money for V6 mill. The upcoming SUV will get a significant enhancement of the info- and entertaining system. So, it will be worth waiting to see what does the new Entune system is going to offer.

Why buy Toyota Highlander?

  • Hybrid engine
  • Fuel economy
  • New infotainment system
  • Handling

What’s next for Toyota Highlander?

A full review about the Toyota Highlander 7-seater SUV model you can read HERE.

According to the U.S. News & World Report, the Highlander Hybrid is beside Kia Telluride the best 3-row SUV that you can buy in the U.S.

VW Atlas

New VW Atlas

Emission reports scandal is not taking effects to Volkswagen’s business. The German carmaker continues to develop modern and reliable units. One of the latest additions to the SUV lineup is a seven-seat VW Atlas. The vehicle surprised many with its interior room. The third row can take adult persons of average build. Besides that, the SUV offers a strong V6 engine with 275 hp and 270 pound-feet of torque. The 4Motion all-wheel drive system allows a driver to pick one of four driving modes. Easy access to the storage space, 5,000 pounds of towing capacity, and the latest features for a reasonable price are definitely worth a shot. For $31,000 you will get Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Mirror Link.

Why buy VW Atlas?

  • Very spacious
  • 6-year warranty
  • 4Motion AWD system
  • Excellent price

What’s next for VW Atlas?

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GMC Acadia

New GMC Acadia

The second generation of the GMC Acadia is still fresh, but the company is going to refresh the mid-size SUV after only three years. The new turbocharged four-cylinder engine joins the lineup. This SUV also offers a powerful and reliable 3.6 V6 drivetrain. Sadly, General Motors is not going to deliver this vehicle with a hybrid drivetrain yet. Whatsoever, the GMC Acadia remains stylish and reliable SUV. Infotainment system and easy controls are not going to disappoint you. A V6 engine is not fuel-friendly and it can’t tow a lot. That is the main reason why engineers added a smaller unit for the next season. A facelift will bring interesting changes that will draw younger buyers.

Why buy GMC Acadia?

  • Smooth transmission
  • Interior room and equipment
  • AT4 off-road model
  • Premium Denali model

What’s next for GMC Acadia?

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Buick Enclave

New Buick Enclave

Buick Enclave offers a premium impression for less money than luxury models. The SUV also comes with three rows of seats and it seems like an upscale version of GMC Acadia and its Chevy twin – Traverse. Well, the Buick Enclave will add more features. The mid-size SUV set some standards and now all other vehicles in this category will use the same design language and solutions. According to owners, this SUV is not going to let you down. The new generation fixed all issues and problems the previous one had. Still, there is room for improvements. For example, the fuel economy is not the best, and the base trim level needs more equipment. A full-time AWD would be a great addition in the future.

Why buy Buick Enclave?

  • Good-looking SUV
  • Spacious third row
  • Quiet cabin
  • Fair price

What’s next for Buick Enclave?

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Toyota 4Runner

New Toyota 4Runner

If you need an off-road SUV then the Toyota 4Runner is the best possible choice for you. The TRD Pro package will make this model almost unstoppable in combination with a 4.0-liter V6 engine that delivers 270 hp. Full-time AWD is the feature you will need for your off-road adventures, as well as the limited-slip locking center differential. The Toyota 4Runner is not the greatest choice for commuting, though. A thirsty rig is going to return only 18 mpg combined. But, the major question is – why does the off-road SUV need seven seats? Well, the 4Runner keeps selling. As long as buyers don’t have anything against it, Toyota will continue to produce the SUV with such interior configuration.

Why buy Toyota 4Runner?

  • Off-road TRD Pro package
  • Impressive performance
  • Now has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

What’s next for Toyota 4Runner?

A full review about the Toyota 4Runner 7-seater SUV model you can read HERE.

Subaru Ascent

2020 Subaru Ascent changes

Subaru Ascent made an immediate impact on the 7-seater market. The SUV is basically an eight-seater. But, not too many buyers are opting for the entry-level model. Already at the Premium level, Subaru is installing captain’s chairs in the middle-row and Ascent is becoming a 7-seater. All-wheel drive is the biggest advantage of this model. For 2020 season it is unchanged. The following year could bring a hybrid drivetrain and cosmetic updates. Exterior styling and gas mileage are the segments where Subaru has to strengthen its largest SUV.

Why buy Subaru Ascent?

  • All-wheel drive, Boxer engine, and superb handling
  • Safety
  • Premium features for higher trim levels

What’s next for Subaru Ascent?

A full review about the Subaru Ascent 7-seater SUV model you can read HERE.

Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

2020 Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace facelift

The Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace is a 7-seater compact crossover. It is slightly bigger than its competitors, but the VW is the only company that delivers such configuration. In the United States, the three-row Tiguan is available only with a 2.0-liter petrol engine. European and Australian model carries a 2.0-liter diesel engine and increases the towing capacity to 4,400 pounds. Do not expect too much space in the last row. If you need the vehicle for towing, then you will have to fold the rear seats. All in all, the Tiguan Allspace lacks room, but it is expected from a compact model.

Why buy Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace?

  • Superb fuel economy
  • Precise handling
  • Premium interior
  • Easy access to the cargo area

What’s next for Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace?

A full review about the Volkswagen Tiguan 7-seater SUV model you can read HERE.

Mazda CX-9

2020 Mazda CX-9 signature

Mazda CX-9 is the largest SUV the Japanese company is producing. It accommodates seven passengers. The Signature trim level will install the captain’s chairs in the middle row and cut one seating space. The new model will also bring cosmetic updates, which include new colors and options for upper trim levels. A better fuel economy will definitely draw the attention of buyers. However, we still expect the official announcement of this powertrain. Until then, the power source will be a 2.5-liter SkyActiv turbocharged unit that bursts 250 hp with premium fuel.

Why buy Mazda CX-9 Allspace?

  • Turbo-four engine
  • Colors and styling
  • Signature trim level

What’s next for Mazda CX-9?

A full review about the Mazda CX-9 7-seater SUV model you can read HERE.

Dodge Journey

2020 Dodge Journey redesign

If you are looking for the budget-saving 7-seater SUV, then the Dodge Journey will probably be one of the first options. The base price for this model is only $23,500. However, the cost tells a lot about this SUV – do not expect too much. However, the interior is comfortable and sliding seats can make you create more room for passengers or cargo. Journey will need improvements in power and fuel economy segments. But, the new generation is just around the corner and the second series of the Dodge Journey will definitely bring something spectacular.

Why buy Dodge Journey?

  • The most affordable 7-seater SUV ($23,500)
  • Customizable interior
  • New generation on the way

What’s next for Dodge Journey?

A full review about the Dodge Journey 7-seater SUV model you can read HERE.

Ford Flex

2020 ford flex cargo space

The 2020 Ford Flex is the final edition of the full-size 7-seater SUV. The company prepares the replacement, and it will be probably Ford Bronco. Meanwhile, the 2020 Flex remains the same. Colors, features, options, and trim levels are the ones we already got used to. The SUV needed a redesign a long time ago. However, the discontinuation was announced in 2016, and all this time the fans were waiting for this. Hopes of changing company’s mind are blown and the Flex is ready for its final Run.

Why buy Ford Flex?

  • Cheapest full-size SUV (starting at $31,000)
  • Low position offers easy access to passengers and cargo area
  • SYNC3 infotainment system

What’s next for Ford Flex?

A full review about the Ford Flex 7-seater SUV model you can read HERE.

Mitsubishi Outlander

2020 Mitsubishi Outlander usa phev

Mitsubishi Outlander is the best-selling PHEV vehicle in the world in 2019. The 2020 Outlander is coming unchanged, with a pair of petrol engines and a plug-in hybrid drivetrain. The crossover SUV remains a seven-seater with a total cargo capacity of 63 cubic feet. Two most impressive versions are SEL with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine, and top of the range GT model. This one brings a V6 drivetrain with 225 hp, 215 lb-ft of torque, and a towing capacity of 3,500 pounds. The most efficient model is Outlander PHEV with 75 MPGe.

Why buy Mitsubishi Outlander?

  • Plug-in hybrid engine
  • Fuel economy
  • Price
  • Safety features for upper trim levels

What’s next for Mitsubishi Outlander?

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Tesla Model Y

2020 Tesla Model Y Price

Tesla Model Y is a compact crossover. However, the US carmaker managed to fit the third row of seats, but only as an optional feature. The vehicle arrives next year and some versions are scheduled for 2021. The initial price is $39,000, and the Long Range models will cost $48,000-$61,000. The range of the all-electric crossover will be 230-300 miles, depending on the size of the battery. The fastest Model Y is capable to sprint 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds.

Why buy Tesla Model Y?

  • More affordable than Model X
  • All-electric model
  • Zero emissions
  • Range 230-300 miles
  • Autonomous drive

What’s next for Tesla Model Y?

A full review about the Tesla Model Y 7-seater SUV model you can read HERE.

Kia Telluride

How Much Does a 2020 Kia Telluride Cost

After the premiere of the concept in 2016, the 2020 Kia Telluride is ready to conquer the mid-size SUV segment. The vehicle is using a 3.8-liter V6 engine that is capable to deliver 291 hp. Also, a diesel unit might be on the way (2.2-liter). The new SUV offers up to 87 cubic feet of cargo space and superb safety features. Still, accessories such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, navigation, premium audio are also there. All in all, the Kia Telluride is going to be a competitor in the mid-size three row-market. By default, there are eight seats and the 7-seater SUV is a configuration for all trim levels but the base one.

Why buy Kia Telluride?

  • All-new model
  • 87 cubic feet of cargo space
  • One of the safest SUVs in the market

What’s next for Kia Telluride?

A full review about the Kia Telluride 8-seater SUV model you can read HERE.

Lincoln Navigator

New Lincoln Navigator

Navigator is a flagship model that will stun you with the level of luxury inside the cockpit. The full-size SUV has a lot of space inside, so it can offer even eight seats. Well, the Black Label is the most expensive model with unique themes for all buyers ready to spend nearly $100,000. The price of the base Lincoln Navigator is $75,000. The big SUV does not offer a V8 engine. However, a twin-turbo system with a 3.5-l V6 engine as a heart of it is capable to produce 450 horsepower and 510 lb-ft of torque. The SUV is getting the same drivetrain as the F-150 Raptor truck. Sync3 infotainment system offers plenty of connectivity options, and Navigator is keeping the pace with modern time.

Why buy Lincoln Navigator?

  • Advanced technology
  • High-output V6 engine
  • Black Label unique trims
  • Spacious and comfortable cabin

What’s next for Lincoln Navigator?

A full review about the Lincoln Navigator 8-seater SUV model you can read HERE.

Toyota Land Cruiser

New Toyota Land Cruiser

The flagship model and the only luxury SUV with Toyota’s badge will enter the new generation very soon. The only available trim level at the moment shows signs of aging, especially inside the cabin. Well, Toyota Land Cruiser is 10-years old and it is time for the big redesign. Series 300 is on the way with numerous changes. Well, Land Cruiser is a great example of closing the gap between utility and luxury. Back in 1984, the company split this nameplate into two divisions. The off-road oriented utility vehicles are not available in the US anymore. These are Land Cruiser Series 70 SUVs and trucks. Series 200 is the model for the United States. Not for quite long, though.

Why buy Toyota Land Cruiser?

  • 7-liter V8 engine
  • High-end features
  • Comfortable and elegant, outside and inside
  • Off-road capable

What’s next for Toyota Land Cruiser?

A full review about the Toyota Land Cruiser 8-seater SUV you can read HERE.

Hyundai Palisade

New Hyundai Palisade

The newest full-size SUV on the market is Hyundai Palisade. The Korean carmaker is very ambitious. Besides the Palisade, Santa Fe mid-size SUV also can accommodate seven persons. But, the new vehicle adds an extra spot in some configurations. The US edition will use a 3.8-liter V6 engine with 290 hp and 265 lb-ft of torque. In other markets, Hyundai Palisade will get the power from a 2.2-liter turbodiesel unit. The new SUV comes to dealerships late in 2019 and its base price is going to be very attractive. If you are looking for an economy purchase, wait for it. We believe the new Palisade could cost under $40,000.

Why buy Hyundai Palisade?

  • Attractive price
  • Brand-new SUV
  • Fuel-friendly engine

What’s next for Hyundai Palisade?

A full review about the Hyundai 8-seater SUV you can read HERE.

Lexus LX

New Lexus LX


Lexus LX is an SUV very similar to the Toyota Land Cruiser. However, this high-end model belongs to the premium branch. The biggest news for the current edition is a new two-row model. This version will offer more cargo space. However, the Lexus LX three-row model with seats for eight remains an option for $5,000 above the starting price of a two-row variation. Besides that, the LX offers the same drivetrain as the Land Cruiser – a 5.7-liter V-8 unit. A full-time AWD is capable to tow 7,000 pounds. Fuel economy is the major downside of the big rig since the SUV return only 15 mpg combined.

Why buy Lexus LX?

  • Powerful and reliable engine
  • Superb ride quality
  • Attractive design, outside and inside
  • Comfort and safety

What’s next for Lexus LX?

A full review about the Lexus LX 8-seater SUV you can read HERE.

Infiniti QX80

New Infiniti QX80

The new Monograph concept underpins the Infiniti QX80 luxury SUV. The platform will offer more of its modern approaches to the upcoming model. Announced as the architecture for modern SUVs, Monograph concept is bringing the fresh and aggressive look. Inside everything looks too futuristic. Even downgraded version will make the Infiniti QX80 a stunning model. A 5.6-liter V8 engine creates more power than Toyota’s 5.7-liter unit. The new QX can count on 400 hp and 415 lb-ft of torque. Some say the turbodiesel 5.0 unit could be used for the high-output version. For Nissan Titan XD truck this drivetrain creates 335 hp and 555 lb-ft of twisting power.

Why buy Infiniti QX80?

  • Premium infotainment and Bose audio system
  • 8,500 pounds of towing capacity
  • Good starting price
  • Futuristic design brought by Monograph concept

What’s next for Infiniti QX80?

A full review about the Infiniti 8-seater SUV you can read HERE.

Ford Expedition

New Ford Expedition

Depending on the middle-row, the Ford Expedition can offer seven or eight seating spots. If you choose the captain’s chairs for the second row, then you will have more room, but fewer spots for seating. Still, this model offers plenty of comfort. If you worry about the cargo space, then Ford Expedition Max adds 12 inches to the base wheelbase. Converted to cargo space – the Ford Expedition offers 19 cubic feet behind the third row and Expedition Max model comes with 34 cubic ft at the back. Still, the standard model can tow 300 pounds more. A 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine is producing 375 hp. Platinum trim level adds more features and more power – 400 horsepower.

Why buy Ford Expedition?

  • Extended Max model
  • Off-road FX4 SUV
  • Premium Platinum edition
  • Spacious interior
  • Info-entertaining equipment

What’s next for Ford Expedition?

A full review about the Ford Expedition 8-seater SUV you can read HERE.

Honda Pilot

New Honda Pilot

After the redesign in 2016, the Honda Pilot became one of the best SUVs on the market. Versatile, reliable, spacious, modern. The Japanese carmaker surprised the automotive industry with Pilot SUV. This vehicle can take up to eight passengers. Currently, the engine room offers only a 3.5 V6 unit. In the future, the company could pair it with an electric engine to create a powerful plug-in hybrid. Speculations say the mid-size SUV could go 30 miles by using only electric power. The new Honda Pilot is not standing out in any segment. But, the overall composition is probably the best in the class.

Why buy Honda Pilot?

  • Versatile, modern SUV
  • Very comfortable for the non-premium segment
  • Reliable and fuel-friendly V6 engine
  • Good value

What’s next for Honda Pilot?

A full review about the Honda 8-seater SUV you can read HERE.

Toyota Sequoia

New Toyota Sequoia

The recent debut of the 2020 Toyota Sequoia stole the show from its more popular trucks. The SUV is getting a TRD Pro package. This will make Sequoia more capable for an off-road ride. Special suspension and Fox shocks in combination with a powerful 5.7-liter V8 engine. If you want a lot of power and save $35,000-$40,000 by purchasing a non-premium SUV, then Toyota Sequoia is the better choice than Toyota Land Cruiser or Lexus LX. Besides that, you will find eight seats. Upper trim levels are turned to seven-seat models by installing captain’s chairs in the middle row.

Why buy Toyota Sequoia?

  • Spacious
  • New model offers TRD Pro features
  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay also added
  • Powerful engine
  • Costs less than Land Cruiser

What’s next for Toyota Sequoia?

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Chevrolet Tahoe

New Chevrolet Tahoe

General Motors follows the steps of its archrival. The new Chevrolet Tahoe will get an independent rear suspension. This will improve an off-road drive and traction for the Chevy Tahoe. Also, better handling and maneuvering are advantages you can count on. On the other hand, expect the SUV to cost more than before due to high production expenses. Calculate the maintenance as well. The good thing about the Chevrolet Tahoe is that SUV can take between five and nine persons. Two types of V8 engines are available. A 5.3-liter rated at 355 hp is the base setup, while you can also pick a 6.2-liter unit with 420 horsepower.

Why buy Chevrolet Tahoe?

  • New IRS
  • Seating room 5-9 persons
  • Two V8 engines
  • Many options

What’s next for Chevrolet Tahoe?

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Nissan Armada

New Nissan Armada

Nissan Armada is a relatively fresh model. However, the latest model was launched in 2017 and with changes are happening very fast on the SUV market. Armada still has to offer a lot to its fans. This is another eight-seater that can be turned into a seven-seat SUV. Of course, that means captain’s chairs in the middle row and slightly higher price. Two- and four-wheel drive are available. Also, the upcoming Armada will have four trim levels – SL, SV, Platinum, and Platinum Reserve. The last one brings a lot of premium materials and features, but its price is still under the base cost for a luxury class.

Why buy Nissan Armada?

  • Premium Platinum Reserve trim at a reasonable price
  • Powerful V8 engine
  • Towing capacity 8,500 pounds
  • Interior comfort and look

What’s next for Nissan Armada?

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Chevrolet Suburban

New Chevrolet Suburban

Chevy Suburban shares the future with Tahoe. Both big SUVs are getting a new independent rear suspension. Better handling and maneuvering and improved drive in tough situations are advantages. The cost of production and maintenance are the downside of the IRS system. Still, the new Chevrolet Suburban will need further upgrades. Spy shots are showing the SUV under heavy camouflage. There are cloth seats and power adjustable seats available for the standard model. Upper trim levels will add leather upholstery, heated and ventilated seats, and premium audio system. The SUV will also offer a nine-seat version with some configurations. Don’t worry, there will be enough space inside for adult persons thanks to 130-in long wheelbase.

Why buy Chevrolet Suburban?

  • Very spacious
  • Cool signature editions
  • A lot of options
  • Upcoming independent rear suspension

What’s next for Chevrolet Suburban?

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GMC Yukon

New GMC Yukon

Yukon is a twin SUV with Chevy Tahoe. These two models will share a lot of options in common. Well, the GMC version is slightly more expensive (approximately $1,500). The difference between this and Chevrolet’s SUV is also in Denali trim. This is the main advantage of all GMC vehicle. The premium trim will offer a high-end luxury for a reasonable price. The base offer starts at $68,000. Also, the new SUV also comes with an extended body as Yukon XL model. Buyers are getting 20 inches more for about $3,000. Cargo room behind the third row increases from 15 to 39 cubic feet. The leg room is also more comfortable – 34.5 inches compared to 25 inches for the standard GMC Yukon.

Why buy GMC Yukon?

  • Denali trim
  • Extended Yukon XL model
  • A lot of space in the third row
  • Cargo space
  • Towing capacity

What’s next for GMC Yukon?

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Chevrolet Traverse

New Chevrolet Traverse

The main difference between the Buick Enclave and Chevrolet Traverse is that the second one also offers the eighth seat. The new Chevy Traverse offers turbo-four and V6 engines. The larger displacement is pretty capable. It creates 310 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque, which is good for towing capacity of 5,000 pounds. The lighter four-cylinder engine delivers 255 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque, but it can tow only 1,500 pounds. One of the main advantages of this SUV is its price. The Chevrolet Traverse is available for less than $30,000. Well, you will definitely want a V6 upgrade. In this case, the lowest MSRP you pay is $31,500.

Why buy Chevrolet Traverse?

  • Modern look
  • Cargo space
  • Great price
  • Fuel-friendly engines

What’s next for Chevrolet Traverse?

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Dodge Durango

New Dodge Durango

Durango is one of the rare Dodge vehicles nowadays. But, this model sells well and it offers plenty of options. Probably the most noteworthy is its SRT version that delivers 475 hp. Still, some rumors say the next Dodge Durango could get a famous Hellcat engine that produces 707 hp. Official news says the SUV is replacing a unibody architecture with the body-on-frame platform. That means better off-road capability, but also a higher price. The FCA don’t want the competition between Dodge Durango and Jeep Grand Cherokee. So, Durango will move its production and replace the architecture, while Grand Cherokee is getting more space for production boost.

Why buy Dodge Durango?

  • SRT model
  • Wide engine choices
  • Eight trim levels
  • New body-on-frame platform

What’s next for Dodge Durango?

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