It’s no secret that the current generation of this super-capable SUV is getting close to the end of its production cycle. The current version has been around since 2009 and we are happy to see that the next-generation will come soon. The Japanese manufacturer started to work on new generations of its BoF vehicles. Tundra is about to come first, while the rest should arrive soon after. Still, this probably means a couple of more years of the current generation in the offer. So, Toyota’s management has figured out how to keep this model fresh for some more time, even though the sales numbers are actually great. One of the biggest novelties for the next year will be the 2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition. The familiar package is coming back and it will include not just this SUV, but Tundra and Tacoma pickup trucks as well.

This model was planned for the summer. Still, we could see some delays due to the current situation with the Covid-19. In any case, we already know all the exclusive features it’s about to bring, and there will be a couple of them that look really cool. Other than that, things will remain largely the same.

2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition

2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition Features              

The 2021 4Runner Trail Edition will bring a couple of exclusive features, as we’ve already mentioned. Without any doubt, one of the most notable additions is a new set of 17-inch TRD Off-Road wheels that come in Dark Grey color. Another interesting feature is the Yakima LoadWarrior rooftop cargo basket. Finally, you may count on a custom-made 40-quart cooler, which comes with a lockable lid, and a freezer-grade gasket for an air-tight seal to keep ice frozen up to seven days, as well as with two latches with integrated bottle openers and several more things.

Also, you may count on blacked badging, as well as on an exclusive leather upholstery with unique stitching. Other than that, this is essentially a 4Runner like any other.

2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition Specs

As we’ve just mentioned, the 2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Special Edition isn’t essentially much different compared to standard models. Therefore, you may count on the same overall design, which hasn’t been significantly changed for more than a decade. The familiar styling is here, with a couple of smaller tweaks, while mechanics are also pretty much the same. In terms of interior design, you may count on the same overall layout. It is rather functional and practical than stylish. Given the model’s age, you can’t expect some spectacular interior look and materials. The cabin features mostly hard plastic, but a plastic that will last for ages. The same thing goes for the interior space, where the third row is very tight and can be used by kids only.

2021 4Runner Trail Edition specs


The 2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition is essentially a standard 4Runner and by that, we mean it is based on the SR5 trim level. In practice, that means you may count on the same list of standard equipment if we exclude those exclusive features. First of all, this means you may count on a full load of standard safety features. This includes all kinds of goodies, such as a pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, lane departure warning, automatic high beams and adaptive cruise control.

When it comes to tech goodies, it’s good to know that the infotainment system has been updated recently. The software is new, while the screen is bigger. Also, 4Runner finally comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. If you’re up for some extra features, check higher trims as well.

2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition Cooler

2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition Engine

Things under the hood will also remain the same. You may count on a well-known, robust, hi-displacement 4.0-liter V6, which is good for about 270 horsepower and 278 pound-feet of torque. With such power, you may count on solid acceleration, though it’s obvious that this SUV puts focus on off-road capabilities. Therefore, it’s no wonder it comes with a little bit outdated, but extremely reliable and durable 5-speed automatic transmission.  The 2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition will be available both in RWD and 4WD versions. When it comes to fuel economy, this model is traditionally thirsty, so 17 mpg in the city and 21 mpg on the highway are pretty much expected.

Release Date and Competition

The 2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition was expected to hit the market in the summer. At this point, it’s hard to predict if there will be some delays or not, due to the current situation with the Coronavirus. In any case, the company has prepared a limited series of 5.000 units. When it comes to the competition, there aren’t many models on the market that can compete with the 4Runner these days, as we are talking about the only mid-size BoF SUV on the market, along with its luxurious sibling Lexus GX. Other BoF SUVs are either full-size or compact.


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