The 2020 Toyota Highlander remains one of the most reliable 7-seat SUV in the market. The Japanese company will give their best to maintain the sales in the US with the new update, only a year after the big redesign. Spy photos are showing Toyota is very serious about it. And how they won’t be? Last year, they sold nearly 250,000 units. With such a big army of fans, Highlander needs to offer new things every now and then.

Designers will revisit all areas of the three-row SUV. Hybrid will be fuel-friendlier, interior more practical, and more features are coming for Limited and Limited Platinum trim levels. The release date is not set yet. However, when it happens, we will find out more about the interior, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto functions, and of course, the price.

But, let’s see first what does rumors say about these questions.

2020 Toyota Highlander msrp

Will The 2020 Toyota Highlander Be Redesigned?

Nope. The fourth generation of the Highlander has just arrived. Everyone expected big changes on the 2020 Toyota Highlander 7-seat SUV. But, the Japanese company surprised everyone with the redesign of the 2019 year model. They don’t need another big update. Now, Toyota is listening to the feedbacks and waits to see what should they fix on the new Highlander.

The 7-seat SUV is one of the best models out there. But, its popularity and reputation are not going to last forever. Minor modifications will help 2020 Highlander maintain its position in the market. Exterior and interior changes will modernize the look. Also, these updates will have to fulfill the needs of a modern driver.

What’s New And What Will The 2020 Toyota Highlander Look Like?

Designers presented the new look of the three-row SUV. The 2020 Toyota Highlander will carry over the styling of its predecessor. As said, the carmaker is waiting for comments from its buyers, and they will react in a few months with first updates. The new Highlander will look the same as the 2019 year model, with small changes that will only true lovers of this SUV recognize.


How Long Is The New 7-Seat SUV and How Much Does The Highlander Weight?

The 2020 Toyota Highlander will be 195 inches long, with 112-in wheelbase. The SUV added some length compared to its previous generation. Two years earlier, Highlander was 191 inches long and its wheelbase was 110 inches. Of course, extra length is used for more space inside. All passengers will have more room. Also, the cargo space comes with a larger capacity.

2020 Toyota Highlander – How Many Seats?

It is a 7-seat SUV (well, our website is a 7seatsuvs, right?). However, the new Highlander will also offer different configuration to its buyers. A two-row five-seat is also available. In the future, Toyota is considering to add a six-seat version, with two captain’s chairs in the middle row. Of course, this will be the high-end version, probably for Limited Platinum trim, or some even higher level.

Extra length made more space inside. The total capacity of the 2020 Toyota Highlander, with all but first row folded down, is 84 cubic feet. A seven-seat SUV offers 42 cu-ft of space if you turn it to 5-seater by folding the third row only. With all backrests up, cargo volume drops to 14 cubic feet. The towing capacity of this SUV is 5,000 pounds, thanks to the powerful 3.5-liter V6 engine.

Will The 2020 Highlander Have Apple CarPlay?

In 2018 Toyota added Apple CarPlay to some of its vehicles. Now, it is part of the Entune infotainment system for the most of the lineup. Of course, as a very important model, the 2020 Toyota Highlander will also come with this service. That is not all since the company recently announced that Android Auto is becoming part of their offer. So, the new SUV is now ready to pair all kinds of smartphones with its Entune system.

2020 Toyota Highlander apple carplay

When Will 2020 Toyota Highlander Be Available?

Toyota is not going to rush with the new version. First of all, they need to gather the info about the fourth generation of the vehicle. Well, the very first impressions are positive. However, the 7-seat SUV is not perfect, and Toyota’s engineers and designers will listen carefully to the feedback from the market. All in all, there won’t be big changes in the upcoming model.

So, when does the new 2020 Toyota Highlander come out? The 2020 Highlander will debut early next year, and the company is not going to make a big deal of it. Instead, Toyota will focus on other models that will introduce its redesigns and new generations, such as Camry, Supra, and new Sequoia TRD Pro SUV.

How Much Is It Going to Cost?

Without big changes, the new SUV will keep its price. The base model is LE and it comes with the MSRP  just above $31,500. Plus suite adds $5,000, while the XLE and SE are on the opposite sides of $40k mark. Limited model costs $43,000 and the most luxurious version is Limited Platinum. how much is 2020 Toyota Highlander Limited Platinum? The next one will be a step closer to $50,000. With a hybrid engine, definitely more than that.


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