The 2020 Ford Expedition is going to be the largest SUV in the family. Well, there is a MAX version, but it doesn’t change the total seating capacity. A maximum number of occupants is eight, while the seven-seat Expedition comes with captain’s chairs in the middle row. The model for the next season is already out. The SUV is still fresh, with the current generation dating from 2018. Well, the upcoming year could bring the first big changes. The engine room is ready to take either a diesel or hybrid unit.

The company raised the bar already. The 2020 Ford Expedition is more powerful than ever, with 380 hp and 480 lb-ft of torque. The new model could also get the V8 drivetrain, or the company might leave it for the mid-cycle refresh in 2021 or 2022. The new SUV is available in three trim levels for both length configurations – XLT, Limited, and Platinum. Later in 2020, the company will introduce the all-terrain FX4 with more features, that will help Expedition compete with the Sequoia TRD Pro model.

2020 Ford Expedition changes

2020 Ford Expedition Dimensions (MAX)

The SUV is 210 inches long. Its extended version, 2020 Ford Expedition MAX adds 12 inches more. The wheelbase of this one is 131.6 in, 9 inches more than for the standard version (122.5 in). With and height are the same (80 and 76.5 in). The extra room is used to create more space for cargo. Both SUVs are capable to take eight passengers. The seven-seater SUV is coming with the Platinum model. The base offer includes 20 cubic feet of cargo space, which increases to 64 and 105 cubic feet with third and second rows folded. When you pick the MAX edition, the SUV gains 16 cubic feet of maximum cargo space. With a towing capacity of 9,300 pounds, this is more than enough for hauling heavy cargo. Expedition MAX cuts 300 lbs from total towing capacity.

2020 Ford Expedition Interior

Depending on a trim level, the 2020 Ford Expedition will offer various different features and systems to increase safety, info and entertaining, comfort, elegance… Well, the Platinum trim is a seven-seater SUV. Three-zone climate control, USB ports, Bluetooth, audio with nine speakers, rearview camera, and keyless entry are standard. Optionally, you can upgrade your ride either with standard trim levels – Limited and Platinum or with single accessories. Ford is going to offer more speakers for the audio system, navigation, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay services, and many more to improve the vehicle’s interior.

2020 Ford Expedition 7-seat Interior
Captain’s chairs in the middle row make Expedition a 7-seater SUV

Off-Road FX4 Edition Comes Back

Expedition SUV finally gets the off-road model. Unfortunately, it is not Raptor, but the FX4 package is definitely showing some promises. Of course, a 4×4 drive is standard for this edition. There is also a technology package included in the offer. What’s more, the 2020 Ford Expedition FX4 uses a steel frame, which is more durable than one of the standard models. Also, aluminum is making some parts lighter, so the drive is not harmed. Electronic limited slip read differential is standard, as well as the off-road shocks and tires. Of course, the underbody is protected by skid plates. Rubber floor liners and few other upgrades will make the FX4 more resistant to different weather conditions.

2020 Ford Expedition Specs, V8, Towing Capacity

While most other full-size SUVs are getting power from V8 engines, the Expedition is using a high-output V6 drivetrain. Ford tunes a 3.5-liter displacement to crunch out 380 hp and 480 lb-ft of torque. Auto start/stop is standard, and the 10-speed auto transmission is sending power to rear axle or all wheels at the same time. The fuel economy is definitely the advantage of the 2020 Ford Expedition. However, the SUV is the best in class when we talk about towing capacity. A base version can tow up to 9,300 pounds, while the hauling capability drops to 9,000 lbs with Expedition MAX configuration. In the future, the SUV could get the V8 engine. Ford is considering a 5.0-liter unit. However, a V6 is still capable to battle on the big rig’s market.

2020 Ford Expedition diesel
PowerStroke diesel engine

Diesel and Hybrid Engines

The biggest addition for the next season will be the new engine definitely. While the V8 petrol unit is one of the rumors, hybrid and diesel drivetrains are a wish of buyers. Well, Ford now has a PowerStroke engine to install under the hood of the 2020 Ford Expedition. The SUV is using the same platform as F-150 truck, so there won’t be a surprise if a turbodiesel 3.0-l V6 arrives next year. Well, even this one can’t match torque output of the current V6 unit. PowerStroke engine can deliver 250 hp and 460 lb-ft.

On the other hand, the company is ready to introduce the first hybrid vehicles as part of a big project that costs billions. Ford F-150 truck, as well as all vehicles based on the same architecture,  are favorites to be the first to roll off the production lines. Let’s hope the 2020 Ford Expedition Hybrid will be added to the lineup somewhere next season.

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